Behind the Scenes of Scene Stealers

Jennifer wins "Best CatGirl" as Merle from Escaflowne as Catt struggles to keep his "Live Feed" from interrupting Anthony's critiques in "Scene Stealers The Magnificent Seven ?".

Lynn Hussey from the local Macon Star Wars club "Macon Clones" made his first "Hunter Killer" model just for the Scene Stealers' episode 5 "Terminator 3" clip.
This was the first miniature used on Scene Stealers.
Note the blue wing lights blink and the working search lights.
Also note the building in the background was used for the "Johnny English" parody.

After a concerned citizen saw me "Catt" film Garin on a motorcycle with a "shotgun" in hand at the main entrance of Rose Hill Cemetery the Macon Police were called in to investigate.
Once they saw our plastic prop gun and were about to leave I hurriedly asked if they would take part in the T3 skit featured on
"Scene Stealers 5".
How could they refuse being "controlled" by the electrical powers of our TX (played by Martha Montgomery)?

Adrian Moss skillfully positioning his Terminator collection in his families abandoned above ground pool for the first stop motion shots used on "Scene Stealers 5".