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The Film Anthony's opinion Catt's opinion
House of 1000 Corps Too many stolen ideas. Kept lively or should I say "deadly" by being edited for an A. D. D. audience.
Holes Very good coming-of-age movie. I was surprised Disney could make such a good film.
The Quiet American Not my favorite film with Michael Cain but worth the matinee price to go see. Great story of an odd love triangle.
City of God A great independent foreign film,definatly going to be a choice of best of the year in my book. Great editing made for great story telling.
X-Men United Greatest adaptation of a comicbook to film I've seen. I can't wait for the third X-Men now.
Better Luck Tomorrow I liked the way they introduced a scene with a definition of a word which would describe the next scene. Not the best "gang" movie I've seen but I enjoyed the characters and casting.
Matrix Reloaded This film gets the "Highlander II trophy" Great visual effects, Weak script, Lack of substance. It was a let down, I feel sorry for the fans of the original Matrix but I will say that I appreciated the rave scene.
The Italian Job The new minis do not stand up to the original minis and this movie does not stand up to the original Italian Job. Save your money and rent the original. All I have to say about this movie is that Benny Hill should have been in it.
The Hulk I was really unhappy with it and it bugged me they did not use his origin from the actual comic book. It's like when the Americans tried to make Godzilla. It wasn't a Godzilla film so why call it Godzilla so why call this movie the Hulk? It strayed to far from the comic.