Resident Anarchist

Anthony got the unstoppable ball rolling in May of 2002 when he submitted a proposal to WCOX for a "movie critics show with a twist". Add a pinch of Catt Gunter to the recipe and "Scene Stealers" was born.

Anthony's artistic endeavors include being involved in theatre, on stage and off, since he was eleven (he is currently in "To Kill A Mocking Bird", portraying Boo Radley), writing, publishing, and promoting his books, writing, directing, and producing low-budget independent film, and creating crossword puzzles for periodicals. When he has the time, he also models for art classes at Wesleyan College.

With all the projects that he has in the works and his first child on the way, Anthony is excited about his future. Anthony leaves you with these words of wisdom:

"Work is not how much money you make, but how much energy that you exert." And, as is evident, Anthony is full of energy.