We asked Jonathan a few questions about Scene Stealers.

Q= So what was your first thought when asked to be on "SS" ?

A= doubts or second thoughts at all!

Q= Did you know what you were getting in to?

A= I got a rough idea from the information I was told....but I love movies and couldn't see any reason why not to get involved.....but I'm in to deep to pull out now.

Q= That's what many have said. In fact you have quickly become the third man so to speak on "SS" how does that make you feel?

A= I am having a blast whenever we get together for the show.

Q= Prior to "SS" what acting or stage experiences have you had?

A= Actually nothing really major or significant.

Q= You must be an inspiration to other amateur actors. What would you tell someone who would like to be on "SS" or take part in some other performing art but have no experience?

A= In my opinion, "SS" is a great way to earn some experience in all fields of acting.

Q= Your last name is Stinson but some of your fellow Scene Stealers are calling you Stuntson,why is that?

A= Mostly because I seem to be the cannon fodder in a lot of the episodes. I get knocked and thrown into stuff quite a bit, and quite hard I might add.

Q= Do you enjoy pain or are the skits simply that much fun ?

A= None of it really hurts, trick is to know how to fall and place your body when it hits. But they are extremely fun so even if I am slightly is well worth it.

Q= Have you ever thought that maybe a particular stunt was too demanding and asked to do it in some other way that would be more comfortable to you ? Or do you feal too obligated to ask for a change in stunt coordination?

A= I never looked at any of the stunts so far as demanding. I just played them through in my head and then went with the best way to do it. I really would only want the stunts to be changed if it would make them more presentable to the audience.

Q= Wow you really want the audience to enjoy, that's the true spirit of theater. The show must go on. You make being a fall guy look easy. Have you had any martial arts or some other physical training?

A= I took martial arts for about 2 years, so that and me sparring with my dad ever sense has helped greatly.

Q= That sounds great, it's good to hear about parents and children getting along and doing fun activities together. What would you like to do professionally in life or have you decided yet ?

A= I would like to keep staying alive as my primary profession, not much to do if I cant keep that profession in tact. But I like to keep my options broad, so to keep myself open to new experience.

Q= It's good to have an open attitude about those things. Have you got a favorite film you would like to recommend the "SS" fans to check out ?

A= I have a lot of movies I can classify as favorites of mine, I suppose it would all depend on the category of the movie.

Q= Then give us a few if you can't decide on one.

A= I am a fan of the 007 movies with Sean Connery, as well as The Abyss, Shawshank Redemption, Absent Minded Professor, and Predator.

Q= You like the Absent Minded Professor. How did you feal about the remake "Flubber" ?

A= Honestly I didn't like the movie all that much, I feel that when they redo a classic movie, they try to make it more appealing to modern audiences, and that to me ends up ruining the whole concept.

Q= I would have to agree with you on that opinion. Any leaving thought you would like to give the "SS"fans ?

A= Best closing words I can give that come to mind are to go with your gut, but do what is right, and never quit.

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