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Want to be a part of the Scene Stealers cast?

Send us a picture and description of yourself to:

Scene Stealers
P.O.Box 145
Haddock, GA. 31033

You may also press to contact us.

The Scene Stealers' Cast is really starting to grow.
More and more people are taking interest in our fun filled show.
As we mention on the show, we need all types of people for our cast so don't be shy this a great way to get exposure and experience in Television Production!

Let us know if you or someone you know would like to take part in any way. Don't be shy we may be film critics but we won't criticize you. We're just having fun with this so join in!

Remember this is public access, we do not get paid to do any of this. Anthony B. Harris, Catt Gunter plus all our old and new friends who make up the Scene Stealers cast and crew are all artistic and brilliant people who simply want to be involved in something fun,exciting,entertaining and genuine.

We have actors, models, photographers, musicians, fashion designers and many other people contributing their talents and love of artistic expression to Scene Stealers.

Anthony and Catt put a lot of work into this project but it is the volunteer help we get from others which makes it all truly happen.

Always be true to yourself and treat people with the same respect you would like and one day you will realize how many real friends you have.

Here at Scene Stealers friends are real and plentiful and we appreciate each and every one.

If the guy Catt met at that light in Gray who owns one of the Knight Industries 2000 cars from Knight Rider is reading this, he was not joking.

He does have an actual show on WCOX so us if you were serious about bringing the car on Scene Stealers.

MaconFilms are Makin' Films @ Established 5/21/2003

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